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משפחה אחת عائلة واحدة

One Family

3/25/05 04:11 pm - accusehistory - "Gaddafi calls Israelis, Palestinians idiots"

But Gaddafi went against the grain, preaching the minority view that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is for the two peoples to live together in a single state.

His targets, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, took it lightly, chuckling at his one-hour speech.

But he drew sustained applause for airing views which many Arabs express in private but which their leaders rarely utter in public. Among the dignataries present was U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, whose own speech was conventionally diplomatic.


1/16/05 10:30 am - teapolitik

oneswoledude wrote,
I genuinely feel as though a number of people in this community are motivated by feelings other than love for the Palestinians.

I wanted to open up a discussion about this, because it seems to me maybe sometimes from the outside, the Palestine solidarity movement is misunderstood. Not in the way oneswoledude meant (though it is misunderstood in that way as well), but in the way that it is considered to be a movement of love for a people--and while there is undoubtedly love for the Palestinian people in the Palestine solidarity movement, I think it is more about a concern for justice for all involved. To say that solidarity with the Palestinian struggle is based around favor of the Palestinian people by virtue of their inclusion in that group very much undermines the idea that the Palestinian struggle has the interests of universal justice at its core.

10/6/04 10:50 am - teapolitik - Call for contributions

I have updated the userinfo for the community, and I'd like some feedback: is there anything I should add, take out, interests or links that would be good?

Does anyone know where I can find photos of Israelis and Palestinians resisting together in the 1967 occupied territories (for instance demonstrations against the wall)?

Anything else?

10/5/04 11:29 am - teapolitik

From Occupied Palestine has published an interview with Dr Uri Davis, titled Apartheid Israel. Davis discusses citizenship in the context of Israeli policy:
I fear that the situation in Israel is comparable, and I'm not talking about popular xenophobia, but rather a situation regulated by an act of parliament where 93% of the territory of the State of Israel - and I am not referring to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - is reserved under law for Jewish citizens only. If the apartheid distinction in South Africa was between white and non-white, the apartheid distinction in Israel is between Jew and non-Jew.

So, one cannot talk of Israeli citizenship in the same sense that one could talk of Canadian citizenship, because - racist practices and popular xenophobia in Canada notwithstanding - all citizens are equal before the law. This is not so in Israel: Jewish citizens are citizens of class A, and non-Jews are second, third and fourth class citizens.

He also speaks of resistance by Israelis...
But there is, inside Israel, a principled and consistent constituency within the peace camp that opposes discrimination and apartheid in principle. But it cannot, at present, mobilize massive protests counted in hundreds of thousands.
...and Palestinians.
What I would say, however, would echo previous comments regarding international law. International law legitimizes and allows, quite properly, an occupied and dispossessed people resistance to occupation and colonization, including armed resistance. The choice between the armed route and the unarmed route is a sensitive and complex strategic decision which I hesitate to express a firm opinion from the outside.

Does anyone know if there are signs that the Israeli anti-apartheid movement might be growing? That the Israeli and Palestinian resistance might be growing closer and building ties? I have heard that there are many demonstrations in the West Bank, particularly against the separation barrier, which have seen Israeli, Palestinian resisters working side by side.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for work [besides of course building awareness] that internationals can do to support this kind of development of resistance?

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10/4/04 06:23 pm - sabotabby - Two Peoples, One State

October 4, 2004
Two Peoples, One State

Israel's untenable policy in the Middle East was more obvious than usual last week, as the Israeli Army made repeated incursions into Gaza, killing dozens of Palestinians in the deadliest attacks in more than two years, even as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon reiterated his plans to withdraw from the territory. Israel's overall strategy toward the Palestinians is ultimately self-defeating: it wants Palestinian land but not the Palestinians who live on that land.

while Israelis try to allay a demographic threat, they are creating a democratic threatCollapse )

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9/27/04 08:00 pm - ex_melimeli728

I know I should post an introduction and ideas for the basics of the community first, but... I wanted to write this :) It relates, it relates.

So I had a conversation w/ my advisor and Persian prof today- he's a real character, an atheist Jew (loudly, wildly proclaimed) who speaks like all the Middle Eastern languages there are (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, god knows what else) and is an all around neat guy. We were talking about a paper I'm doing, and the conversation veered into the politics of Israeli conflict, as do all conversations in the vicinity of the Mideast studies department.

He knew a lot on the way the rich Zionists of the late 19th, early 20th centuries promoted among poorer Jews this fantastically romantic, typically orientalist vision of Palestine in which the Arabness of the place (as well as the Arabs) just served to increase its picturesque qualities, and how the rich Western European guys could stay warm and safe in Europe and use the fantasy to promote Zionism, while the poorer ones, in ghettos and shtetls, got fed the enchantments of going to Palestine. and when they got there, who do you think got shot at? I'm not very familiar with these aspects of the history of the aliyahs, but it was interesting to me because it seemed like for this professor, as with a lot of people who support binationalism, paying attention to the class lines that cut across nations can get them to start deconstructing, even rejecting, ethnic or national lines.

Anyway, at the time, I actually thought of this community, and so I asked him- "are you a binationalist?". And he says, "I believe that the only answer will come from intermarriage. We should all have cafe ole children." Me too!

What do you guys think?

9/24/04 08:40 am - teapolitik - Welcome to binational

I don't know how people normally handle this in livejournal communities, but I want to issue a formal invitation for all members to:

- Collaborate on an identity for this community, to help us choose guidelines for participation and to help us identify ourselves on the userinfo page
- Offer to help moderate and keep this community running smoothly [saboteurs will not be chosen]
- Perhaps offer a short introduction [as a comment to this thread, not individual new posts, please?]
- Maybe help design this thing?

If anyone thinks I missed something, feel free to let me know.
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